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Save on heating & cooling bills. Keep out unwanted pests.
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Energy Saving Dryer Vent Closure
Our Retail Price: $24.95
Extension accessory
Our Retail Price: $7.50
Replacement Body
Our Retail Price: $7.50

Conserve Energy & Block Out Critters.
Durable. Easy Installation.
Reasonably Priced!

Extension accessory for Dryer Vent.
Can be used as a 'through the wall' extension on the dryer vent.
7" in length.

Replacement Body for Dryer Vent
Replacement Cover
Our Retail Price: $6.75
Replacement Cup
Our Retail Price: $6.75
Replacement Elbow
Our Retail Price: $7.50

Replacement cover for dryer vent.

Replacement Cup for Dryer Vent.

Replacment Elbow for Dryer Vent.
Spring Kit accessory
Our Retail Price: $6.00

Spring Kit accessory for Dryer Vent.
Can be used to convert the Dryer Vent to work for low CFM vents such as Range Hoods & Bathroom Vents.
Generally not necessary for a clothes dryer, unless the appliance is a great distance away from the vent.
Comes with easy to install directions.
Kit includes: 1 spring & 2 mounting buttons.