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Q: Does the Heartland Dryer Vent sell Replacement Covers?
A: Yes, we sell replacement parts under the Dryer Vent tab.

Q: Does the Heartland Dryer Vent work with low air pressure appliances? (bathroom fan and etc.)
A: Yes, with the Spring Kit Accessory. It helps assist the cup work properly under low air pressure.

Q: Do you ship to Canada?
A: Yes, we do ship to Canada!

Q: Is it okay if I paint my Dryer Vent?
A: We highly suggest you paint your Dryer Vent; we leave then the natural plastic color so when you paint your vent you can match it to your siding. What we suggest using is Rustoleum 2 in 1 Paint and Primer.

Q: In the spot I have to put my Dryer Vent I need to use an adhesive to bond the Extension to the Elbow, what should I use?
A: What adhesive we suggest using is ABS plastic adhesive, this will create the strongest bond.

Q: Where is the USPS Shipping located?
A: If you leave the Carrier on ‘More Carriers’ they are located under that shipping method.